La Mer (Pty) Ltd

La Mer Petroleum engages in the import, marketing and sales of Petroleum products, the company markets its services to petroleum distributors operating in land and sea transportation market, retail petroleum operators, and industrial, commercial and government customers. Its services comprise of management services for the procurement of fuel and price risk management.

Market segmentation - all sectors of industry including:

  • Service Stations
  • Taxi industry
  • Transport companies
  • Construction companies
  • Mining companies
  • Agricultural sector


The Company was established in May 2011 owned and managed by women and started with operations in September 2011 after the HDSA (Historical Disadvantage South Africans) Wholesale license was awarded. This give La Mer Petroleum the opportunity to contribute to businesses in the Transport, Construction, Mining and Agricultural sector to increase their BEE spending which will assist them to increase their BEE rating. La Mer Petroleum is registered to import and export Petroleum Products to Southern Africa

La Mer Petroleum Values

  • Pride
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Health and Safety Environment
  • Quality

Terms and Conditions

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